Benefits of Psychotherapy and Coaching with Sharon



Psychotherapy is designed to enable you to grow at your own pace in a safe environment with an attuned therapist. You will be an active participant in an exciting and enlightening process, which will depend on our contract in therapy.

Sharon incorporates the principles of TA into her work including:

Everyone is OK and the relationship is an alliance between two equals

            Everyone can think for themselves

            Contracting is of prime importance

            Open communication is essential

 Sharon is committed to helping you to change. She will listen to your words and what is behind them without judgment and with the intention of hearing both the said and the unsaid.



Coaching sessions with Sharon create a context where you get to work on the most important issues in your life;  a place where you get to consolidate, integrate, think and grow.

During your work with Sharon, the total focus is on you:

  • What you want in your life and how to work towards achieving it
  • Your goals are clarified and
  • You are provided with the necessary environment and tools to achieve them.

Coaching keeps you moving forward in your dreams and goals, helps you focus on specific outcomes and stay on track.  You will uncover your strengths and development areas and learn to become accountable for the choices you make.

Sharon will help you to be transparent and honest about both your strengths and weaknesses and identify acts of self-sabotage and areas of potential growth.

Using the skills and tools you acquire during coaching, you can increase your success in management, leadership and selling skills, all of which are required in both business and personal relationships.

As a coach Sharon is an active collaborator and your relationship with her is an alliance between two equals with the sole purpose of meeting your needs- a coalition designed to forward and enhance your life-long process of learning, effectiveness and fulfilment.

With Sharon as your coach, you will discover a champion who offers you consistent support and encouragement, reminds you of all you can be, do and have, and who holds the image of your greatest potential (even when you cannot hold it yourself).