Psychotherapy/Coaching with Sharon


Sharon’s goal is to guide, challenge and inspire clients to realise their hidden potential and achieve what they want most in life both professionally and  personally.  She offers an environment in which people feel safe and free to explore and experiment with new ideas, concepts and feelings in the presence of someone who is interested and involved.

Sharon listens deeply and enables clients to uncover their real motivation and needs as well as recognise their options and make their own choices.  She encourages them to take responsibility and be accountable, tuning in and trusting each person’s innate ability to grow and succeed without judgment or expectations.

Sharon brings extensive knowledge of personal development, communication and interpersonal skills to her work and uses a range of skills including.

  • Transactional Analysis
  • Integrative Psychotherapy therapy
  • Individual work
  • Solution focused coaching
  • Numerous Psycho-therapeutic tools which are consistent with the principals of TA